Lauren Haig is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from the suburbs of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She graduated May of 2017 from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

In her teenage years, Lauren was not quite sure what she wanted to do. She had no interest in the mathematical or scientific fields, nor was she particularly gifted in them. In order to escape the pressure she was feeling about her future, Lauren turned to art and soon discovered her passion for the subject.

The various cartoons she watched and games she played inspired much of her earlier work. She was drawn to the colorful designs, styles, and animation of the characters. She also admired the detailed work of the backgrounds, and based her own work off of those concepts. She had since then gone on to create her own unique style, and further advance her knowledge about the graphic design field.

Lauren’s illustration work became noticed in the middle of her undergraduate career when she illustrated a children’s book about camping. She has also completed two graphic design internships as well as other freelance work. Her work has been displayed at Bottle Works-Ethnic Arts Center in Johnstown Pennsylvania, Kipp Gallery and Annex Gallery in Indiana Pennsylvania.